What Kind of Tile Is Right For You

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There’s no other type of flooring quite like good tile. It has a unique look and feel that can’t be captured with other materials, and offers great contrast and variety against carpeted areas of the home. The question is: what kind of tile would be best suited to your home? There are a number of different varieties, each coming with its own qualities that make it distinct. Choosing the type and style for your home is a big decision.


Of the various materials that tiles are manufactured with, ceramic is probably the most common. It has a glossy surface area and a high strength-to-weight ratio. You’ll find these types of tiles in many bathrooms and kitchens. They are usually made with a mixture that includes clay and quartz sand. Other ingredients depend on whether the tile is porcelain or non-porcelain. You can choose to have the tile glazed as well, which will add to the durability and stain resistance.


Glass tiles have risen in popularity quite a bit in recent times, as have home glass designs in general. Glass tiles have several advantages, such as being naturally water-proof, being easy to install, and available in a very wide range of colors and designs that are perfect for modern and trendy design schemes. They are practically invincible against staining and very resistant to chemicals.


Various types of natural stone are also commonly used tiling materials that are very resistant to scratches. In general, the more porous types are not recommended for areas where moisture is common, like the restrooms, kitchen, and main entry. This includes types like marble and limestone. These are more suited to lower-traffic areas of the home that won’t see much in the way of feet covered in shoes. Stone tiles better suited for such areas would be slate and granite. Whatever type you pick, most will also have a finish of some kind applied. A natural finish will make the stone look the most like its original, raw appearance. A honed surface will be matte and smooth, and a polished surface will be shiny and highly reflective (a bit slippery in socks as well, perhaps).

Most of the tile types are held in place with grout joints. As with any surface, tiles can become dirty over time, necessitating good grout cleaning. But with proper cleaning, upkeep, and most of all, choosing the right type for your home in the first place, you can enjoy beautiful tile floors in your home that are suited to your personality and tastes.

By Eid-Co Homes 12-7-2017