The 3 Things That are Ruining Your Curb Appeal and How You Can Correct Them

Curb appeal is valuable even if you are not trying to sell your home. It is the first impression your home gives off to passersby. It is what welcomes your guests to your home. And it is what makes you happy when you arrive home. If your home is lacking curb appeal, it could be due to these common problems. But we will also share ways that you can rectify the situation so that your home can contribute to a beautiful neighborhood.

Deteriorating Driveway

Your driveway is like the welcome mat to your home. But if it is riddled with oil and rust stains along with pits and cracks, it could seriously detract from the beauty of your home. Years of wear and use are bound to build up and frozen water is often the root of cracks in your driveway.

Regardless of the reason that your driveway fell into disrepair, mending it is surprisingly easy. Start first by pressure washing your driveway clean. Then, armed with a bag of Quikrete Concrete Resurfacer, get to work sealing and covering unsightly sections. Quikrete does dry quickly, so bear in mind that it is best to mix small amounts of product and work in small sections at a time.

Entryway Steps in Disarray

Your entryway stairs are another thing that you may not pay much attention to. When in good condition, they simply fall into a supporting role. But when they begin crumbling and failing, they can become quite the eyesore.

Again, water could be the root cause of deteriorating stairs, or it could be from poorly mixed concrete when the application was made. Either way, Quikrete is also the answer. This time you are going to want to pick up one that is polymer based and states specifically that it is for structural repairs. Using a masonry chisel, begin preparing the surface by cleaning away the crumbling and damaged concrete and rinse the area with water. Then, following the manufacturer's instructions, mix the polymer. Work in layers and build up until the mixture is flush with the old concrete surfaces.

Wayward Fences

Not only are fences functional for adding privacy, but they also frame your house. A fence in good repair lends charm to a home. But if your fence is leaning or it has rotten posts, the opposite can be true. If your fence is leaning, your posts probably are not secured deep enough in the ground. And as for rotting, sadly that can just happen over time.

To fix a leaning fence, you will need to remove the old posts. If they are in good condition, you can reuse them. Using a shovel or post digger, dig your holes at least 2 feet deep for a 6-foot fence. Place the posts into the freshly dug holes and secure them in place by surrounding the hole with a bit of concrete.​

Of course, other things may impact the curb appeal of your home, but addressing these three things will surely help along the way.

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By Eid-Co Homes 1-19-2022