How to Stop Your Dog from Digging

If you’ve worked hard on your back yard all summer, then it is surely something to be proud of and that you would want to protect. However, dogs can certainly get bored being in the house all the time with winter about us this can cause them to act out. There is nothing that could be more mortifying than your dog walking into the house covered in mud from digging in the wet snow. Eid-Co Homes understands and helps out with the job by putting in flooring that makes for an easy clean up when disasters like this happen. How do you prevent this in the first place though?

Dog digging in most back yards isn’t acceptable but there are several things that you must consider when contemplating what to do with your dog and/or your yard. Consider that your dog has instincts that he acts on, one of them being digging. It’s fun to do and it lets out energy. So, there are a number of viable options for you to choose from with your dog if you’d like to work with your dog’s instinct to dig or if you’d rather work with a different instinct of your dog.

Some have made a designated area for their dog to dig. When you do this your dog gets to do what he loves and burns off some energy so that it’s not tearing up your things. When you do this, you’ll need to make sure to fix it up a bit. Bring in some loose dirt or sand in the area that you want your dog to dig in. You might be thinking that it won’t be very attractive in your back yard but that’s true. By taking just a little bit of wood, create a perimeter of the area that you are going to give to your dog. Then choose the type of loose material you’re going to put there. Loose dirt makes it look a bit less obvious however sand seems a little less messy. Additionally, you might want to consider a cover for the area when it rains and snows. That way you don’t have to wait for it to dry out before your pup has at it again.

It is also a good idea to bury some treats, toys and such to make it enticing for your dog to dig there instead of in other areas. As you work with them, commend them for digging in the proper place while condemning them for digging in other areas, they will get the dos and don’ts of the yard. This will make both you and them happy. Its what we call a win-win. Not everyone has the ability or the want to do this though. What are some options then?

Distract if you can’t enable the behavior. Make sure that you’re allowing them to get plenty of exercise. If they aren’t well trained on walks, then you have some work to do because these are the responsibilities of a pet owner. Make sure to you get them chew toys and the like. Things that will take time, effort, and energy from your dog. These are invaluable to help distract your dog and keep him from digging in your yard. Dogs need to expend energy so that they are exhausted to the point where they won’t want to dig.

Your yard is important, and dogs can be a danger when they’re on the prowl for your dirt, grass, and your landscaping. We want to make sure your pets are happy and you the owner is happy as well. Eid-Co knows that pets can be difficult and can mess with the beauty that we have in our yard. Now that it is become spring look at what you can do to help your pup. This is also the beginning of the season to buy a home, so take a look at the homes we have available!

By Eid-Co Homes 3-27-2018