Home Preparedness Tips for Below Freezing Temperatures

In many locations in the States it gets below freezing in the winter time. When this happens it’s important that you and your home are ready for it. If not, there can be many costly repercussions to this. Eid-Co Homes knows the trouble of what dropping temperatures can cause to your home and automotive vehicles. Not to mention the situation and harm that it can bring upon you and your family. Take care to do these steps so that you and your family are prepared whatever may come your way this winter.

Know Ahead of Time

Take care to know what the temperatures are going to be like through the week. If you see that there is a day that is going to get below freezing, then you’re going to want to follow a simple procedure that will keep your pipes from freezing. The first thing you’ll want to do is shut off the water to all outside spigots. In addition to this make sure that you have disconnected the hose to it as well. Drain the lines after you have shut the water off. Make sure you put an insulated cover on the faucet.


It’s important that you know your home. If you know that it isn’t properly insulated, then it’s very important that you take the time to do this before the first freeze. It helps keep the warm in and cold air out of your house. Additionally, it also helps keep your pipes from freezing. If you have water pipes that are stationed on an exterior wall, then it’s at risk to freezing. Knowing which pipes are located on such a wall and what faucets they lead to inside the house will help you to know which ones to put on a drip system. To help ensure that the pipes won’t freeze you’ll want to turn the faucets of the pipes that run against the exterior wall slightly on so that they are dripping. If you have separate hot and cold controls, you’ll want to make sure to turn both of them on just slightly. If it’s a faucet that only has one control, make sure to put it directly in the middle.

Keep it Clean, keep it Shut

Make sure to keep the garage door shut in the winter and if you must open it make sure that you don’t keep it open longer than necessary. This way it acts as another barrier from the cold and protects any piping that may be there exposed or behind the drywall. Also, make sure that you know where your main shut off valve is. If you can’t gain easy access to it then take the time to clear a path to it in case there is a need for emergency access.

There are many more precautions that can be taken to ensure that your home is protected this winter when the temperatures go below freezing. Eid-Co Homes wants to help ensure that your homes are well taken care of and keep you safe and warm inside. We build homes in a way that make it so that you don’t have to worry about below freezing temperatures. Look at the homes we have available today!

By Eid-Co Homes 12-20-2017