Produce Storage Solutions That Will Help Food Last Longer

Everyone knows the pain of bringing home fresh raspberries only for them to develop mold two days later. Or the frustration of going to grab a tomato only for it to be rotten after a week. If you want to stop wasting food and make your produce last longer, the answer could lie in how you choose to store them. Here are some produce storage solutions that can help you get your fruits and veggies to go the extra mile.

Crisper Drawer

Certain produce does best while cool yet dry. That’s where the crisper drawer in your refrigerator comes in. Think leafy greens, carrots, raspberries, and apples. Make sure that if you wash them beforehand that you dry them thoroughly. Then store them in zipped baggies. This will make sure that they do not keep any moisture on them and they do not risk coming into contact with moisture from other produce in the drawer.

Room Temp

Some produce is better and keeps the most flavor by being stored at room temperature. Think tomatoes, lemons, onions, peppers, and bananas. Keep these in a perforated produce bag away from direct sunlight. The pantry is a perfect place for these items if you have one, like our Eid-Co Homes do.


If you have produce that is on its way out, prepare and preserve your fruits and vegetables before it is too late. You can learn true canning methods, like pressure or water bath canning, or you can simply quick pickle things in mason jars. Making syrups with overly ripe fruits is also a great way to make sure they do not go to waste. Additionally, you can dehydrate sliced produce. These should last you months to years depending on your preserving method.

Plant Them

Many things that you pick up at the grocery can be planted. Then you can begin growing your own produce that will stay edible for much longer! Anything that has hair-like roots on the bottom can be placed in a glass of water or planted in dirt to be kept alive. Some common things you will find with roots are herbs, celery, and onions. And things like potatoes and ginger will eventually develop eyes that can then be planted.

And there you have it! A few tips and tricks that you can use in your kitchen to help your produce last longer.

By Eid-Co Homes 9-19-2022