Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Autumn in North Dakota is all about pumpkins on the porch and pumpkin spice in your coffee. Unfortunately, it is also a time when those gorgeous fall leaves start to clutter up your storm gutters and your lawn and the weather starts getting frigid.

There is only one solution for this, of course: fall home maintenance. To help you stay on track with this task, Eid-Co Homes developed the following checklist to help you get your home in tiptop shape before the winter snows fall.

Work from the Outside In

Much of the fall and winter weather affects your home’s exterior. As such, it makes logical sense to start there with your home maintenance activities.

Start on the roof. Repair any shingles that have moved out of place. Also check for buckling or warping if you see any, contact a repair person. The damage will only get worse over time as your roof buckles more and more.

Then take a gander at your home’s gutters. Clear out any branches or leaves that clog them. Check the downspouts as well: To function properly, they must have no debris in them.

Do Any Last-Minute Pruning

Once the snows fall, it is unlikely that you will be in the mood to trim back the hedges. Start this process by clearing the area around your hedges. Pull weeds and lay down mulch around your plants.

Next, trim your bushes and shrubs. Take the time to reshape them and to cut away any dead or dying branches.

Make Sure the “Warm” Is Working

The amount of warmth your home has is dependent upon how well your furnace runs and how well you keep the cold from coming in from the outside.​

As such, start by ensuring that the seals on your windows and doors are solid. Repair any seals that have deteriorated. Finally, install any storm windows that you are planning on putting in.

Once your windows and doors are done, move on to your furnace inspection. It is best to call a professional, who is trained to look for any kinds of malfunctions and who can recommend necessary repairs. Doing this before the snows fall means that you will not have to wait for the furnace pro’s schedule to clear up before he or she comes to see you.

Other Prep: Emergency Kits

Unfortunately, winter means power outages and storms. While you have no control over the storms, you do have control over how prepared you are for them.

A basic winter emergency kit includes flashlights and batteries for them, as well as candles and even lanterns. You will also want to stow away enough food to last you for a while and a means to cook it should the power go out. Camp stoves work great for this.

Finally, stock up your blankets, your first aid kit and dry clothes just in case.

That is it! We at Eid-Co Homes wish you a cozy and happy autumn!

By Eid-Co Homes 9-24-2020