Projects That Help Maximize Space

At Eid-Co Homes, regardless of the size of our homes, we always prioritize organization, storage, and functionality. Just look at our galleries to see what we mean! But if you are feeling like your home is feeling cramped and lacks functionality, here are a few projects that can help you turn a home that feels small into one that feels spacious.

Transform Awkward Spaces

Many homes have awkward spaces. You might pass them from day to day and not think much of them but start looking at them through a different lens. Many of these spaces can be transformed into extra storage. Think for example about the space beneath your stairs. Is there awkward space underneath them? Why not build pull out drawers or some closet space there? Or you can create a reading nook or a space for your dog to rest. Either way, this area has a lot of potential.

Install Recessed Lighting

If you already lack space in your home, lighting solutions can contribute to that cramped feeling. Dark hallways with large lamps can feel crowded and while statement chandeliers can be beautiful, you may not have the headspace to accommodate it. This is where recessed lighting can come to the rescue. These lights are flush with the ceiling while still providing plenty of illumination. A bright space makes a home feel bigger and recessed lights can help you do that without adding visual clutter.

Take Advantage of Mirrors

Mirrors can also help to make a space appear bigger than it is. To create a grand optical illusion, position a mirror facing opposite a window. This way, the mirror will reflect the light and outdoor scenery into your home, causing a room to look like it just keeps going.

Create Openness

Individual rooms are great for creating neat, dedicated spaces, but if your home is particularly small, adopting an open concept can make it feel roomier. Identify non-load bearing walls and consider removing them. This will open up your floor plan and allow your eye to not be obstructed. Thus, making a space feel larger and less cramped.

By Eid-Co Homes 8-18-2022