Roofing in Winter

Many states have hail storms in the spring and summer. When this happens such as it did this year in the late summer in many states, you’ll need a roofer. When a heavy-duty hail storm comes through there are many homes that are affected and while there are many contractors that are happy to help put on a new roof for you, the overwhelming demand can mean that they are not able to get to all the roofs they have committed to in the time span given. While they will fulfill their contract to you, they might do so in conditions that do not allow the roofing materials to preform their best. This in turn compromises the integrity of your new roof. Eid-Co Homes wants to help you make the right decisions next time there is a hail storm.

First and foremost, you must be aware that roofers will try and roof in the winter but when you start to get top temperatures below 50° Fahrenheit their materials don’t work as well. Not working as well and not working at all are two different things to roofers. Many people would agree that if it was their roof, they wouldn’t want a less than proficient roof. So, before you agree to have your roof worked on in the winter make sure they are a company that values integrity over just getting a job done.

Many places mainly use asphalt shingles when roofing residential buildings. Generally, it is self-sealing. How this process works is the shingles are overlapped and in doing so they are sealed together from the sun beating down on them. The heat melts the asphalt enough to stick to the shingles that lay on top of it. When you don’t have this heat to seal the roof properly you risk them either being blown off or a leak. Neither options are ideal because it leaves you with further damage to your home. Another factor that poses a threat when you roof in the winter is that the shingles can crack, compromising the quality of your roof. You might be wondering where the shield membrane comes into play because this is supposed to waterproof your roof as well. There also requires the sun to adhere properly.

In short there really shouldn’t be any roofers in the winter unless they have the proper tools to make up for what the sun usually does. Before choosing a roofing company make sure to investigate how they go about roofing and when they go about roofing homes. Eid-Co Homes wants to make sure that you have quality materials put on your home and in the right temperatures. When we build homes, we always build with quality and integrity. Call us today to look at the houses we have available!

By Eid-Co Homes 12-27-2018