Snowman Building Tips

At Eid-Co Homes, we build in several communities throughout North Dakota and Minnesota. If you are in our area, you know that we are no strangers to snow. Which is why some of our communities even offer snow removal services so that your load is a little bit lighter this time of year. And when snow is not a burden, it can be a lot of fun! Celebrate the snow this Winter and have fun with your kids or grandkids by making the perfect snowman with these tips.

Test for the Right Kind of Snow

Not all snow is ideal for building snowmen. Before you gather all your supplies and head out for your activities, make sure that the snow is the good kind first. Poke your head outside and gather a small ball of snow into your hand. If it crumbles apart and is icy, it's a no-go. If it is malleable and stays together, you are good to go.

Dress the Part

Before you go running out into the snow it's important that you dress accordingly. Snow is frozen water and the freezing temperature for water is 32 degrees. That’s cold! Don’t freeze your buns off trying to have a good time! So, before you begin putting hats and scarves on your snowmen, put them on yourself. Layer up and don’t forget waterproof gloves.

Build Your Snowman

Now that you are dressed and ready to go, it’s time to begin creating your snowman! Ever heard the term “snowballing”? People use the term to describe something that starts small but quickly becomes bigger, and that principle is how you start your snowman base. Begin by gathering a snowball on the ground. Pack the snow tightly together. Push the snowball along the ground. As you do so, it will pick up snow and grow. Once you are satisfied with the size of your base, roll it where you want it and begin making your other layers.

For a traditional snowman you need three layers. Now that you have your base layer, the next piece is the torso. Follow the same process as before to create your large snowball but keep this layer two thirds the size of your base layer. You want your layers to get gradually smaller. Repeat this process for the head of your snowman.

Stack all of your layers on top of each other to form a bubbly column. You can pack a bit of extra snow into the parts where the pieces fit together. This will help your snowman to stay in one piece.

Give Your Snowman Personality

Now comes the fun part! Once your snowman is built, you can give him a personality. Use pebbles or marbles or buttons to give them kind eyes. Use yarn or uncooked pasta to give them a warm smile. Use a carrot or a peanut to give them a cute nose. Give them something fun to do by propping them up with a hockey stick. The possibilities are endless!

By Eid-Co Homes 12-15-2022