Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

At Eid-Co Homes, we really aim to make your lives easier, even offering snow removal for some of our communities. In addition, we aim to provide useful information here on our blog for all sorts of situations. And since those that live in our communities are no strangers to colder temps, today we wanted to share Winterization steps you should take around your home before it starts to freeze.

Care for the Heating System

Before it gets really cold, you want to make sure that your heating system is up and running. Things you will want to do include:

  • Clean out all vents
  • Test and make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working
  • Check fuel supply if you have a propane system
  • Conduct a test run
  • Have a professional inspect your system if needed

Seal Windows and Doors

Leaky windows and doors can present a big problem when it comes to maintaining a comfortable home. It also has the power to drive up your electrical bill. Before that becomes true for you, follow these steps:

  • Inspect windows for missing caulk or faulty frames
  • Inspect and clean window tracks
  • Make sure windows lock properly
  • Check for faulty weatherstrips on doors
  • Check for and seal air leaks around door jambs

Insulate Piping

If you have ever woken up to frozen pipes, you know what an unpleasant experience it is. In addition to being inconvenient, frozen pipes can also lead to burst pipes and extensive damages. To avoid this from happening, take these precautions:

  • Disconnect hoses from outside spigots
  • Drain all water from outside spigots
  • Place an insulated cover on outdoor spigots and pipes
  • Wrap exposed indoor piping with electrical heating tape and additionally place insulating sleeves over them

Following these winterizing steps really does not take much time at all, but it will save you from a variety of unpleasant problems. This way, you can relax and enjoy all that this season has to offer from the comfort of a warm home.

By Eid-Co Homes 11-25-2020