Ways to Protect Your Roof from Winter

North Dakota is naturally beautiful throughout all four seasons. However, in this area winter provides special challenges for homeowners. Eid-Co Homes would like to help you get ready for this upcoming winter with a couple ways to keep your roof and home safe and secure.

Keep Your Pipes from Freezing

One of the more well-known ways to protect your home in the winter is to make sure you're keeping your pipes from freezing. The key here is to make sure your pipes have been wrapped properly. On cold days you can keep the water running slowly throughout your house to make sure the pipes don't freeze, as well as keep your cabinets open to make sure the warm air circulating in your house also warms your pipes.

Gutter Cleaning

This tip applies year-round, but make sure you're keeping your gutters as clean as possible. Clean gutters are surprisingly crucial to the health of the home. The primary reason for this is because they work to keep the water away from the foundation of the home, where it can do untold damage. Leaves collect in gutters the most during fall months, so be sure to give gutters a deep cleaning before winter when snow and ice can build up and create blockages throughout the whole system.

Proper Insulation

One thing to double-check in your house before the winter months is whether your home has the proper insulation in the attic. This has several benefits for the homeowner, primarily keeping the home warm without additional heating costs. The amount most professionals will recommend is R-38. Speaking of professionals, this is one area where experts are worth the cost because they can also help plug up any leaks and prevent cold drafts from making their way into your home.

These are just a few of the potential ways to prepare your home for winter, but they're some of the most important. This is one instance where just a little bit of preventative work can save you immense time and money in repairs.

By Eid-Co Homes 10-25-2021