Items that Should Not Be Burned in the Fireplace

At Eid-Co Homes, we aim to build houses that are comfortable to live in. That’s why we have communities with conveniences like snow removal and our homes have built in fireplaces. This way regardless of the weather outside, you can be comfortable and relaxed inside your home.

If you do decide to build a crackling fire on a cold evening, (and we think you should!) there are some considerations you should make. For instance, you may be tempted to throw things that are not firewood into the fire. Oftentimes, this is fine, but some items really should not be burned in a fire. Here are some examples.

Treated Wood

Sometimes wood is treated with things like varnish or stains. And some are treated with certain chemicals that help them resist certain insects and rot. Plywood can fall into this same category since adhesives are applied in its creation. When you burn treated woods like these, those harmful chemicals are released into your breathing air. Which is definitely something you want to avoid.


In a similar vein, cardboard should also be avoided. Cardboards used for pizza and cereal boxes are treated with chemicals as well to help retain food freshness. Cardboard can esily be torn and catches fire quickly, so it can be tempting to use it for a fire starter, but for the same reasons you shouldn’t use treated wood, you should not burn cardboard. Instead, stick to approved fire starters.

Wet Firewood

Not only is damp or wet firewood harder to ignite, it is also dangerous. This is because wet firewood produces more smoke than normal. Smoke is incredibly dangerous when you breathe in excess amounts of it. In addition to that, the smoke that wet firewood produces leads to heavy creosote buildup in your chimney. Creosote is the leading cause of chimney fires. To clear it, your chimney needs to be professionally cleaned.


We’ve probably all done it while camping. You want to get rid of some trash, so you figure you’ll just throw it in the firepit and be done with it. You may be tempted to do that even at home, but you should think twice before you do so. A lot of the trash that people burn contains chemicals that produce hazardous fumes when burned. Plastic is especially hazardous as plastics release something called dioxins. When exposed to dioxins you increase your risk of headaches, respiratory damage, and even cancer.

If you avoid burning these things, you can make sure that your fire never becomes dangerous. Instead, you can just enjoy the splendid warmth and cozy atmosphere that a fire can provide.

By Eid-Co Homes 12-10-2021