Items Everyone Should Keep in Their Home

At Eid-Co Homes, our focus is on attention to detail and high-end craftsmanship. Homes should be built to stand the test of time. Although quality construction ensures a solid home that you can be proud of, time and everyday living can take their toll. If you are new to home ownership, it can be a task to educate yourself about all the things it takes to maintain your investment. With you in mind, we have compiled a checklist of items that homeowners should always have around the house. Read on to find out what to keep on hand.

Emergency Kit

While it does not help you to maintain your home, it is something many people forget to stock. Rest assured you will appreciate it the very first time you need it. All areas of the country are subject to catastrophic events. When you are stocking your emergency kit, keep in mind possible urgent scenarios for your locale. Should you need to quickly evacuate, keeping a bag packed with important items is a wise act of preparation. FEMA is a great online resource for what to keep in your bag.


Keeping a set of tools handy may seem obvious. But exactly which ones should you have? Stud finders should be on the list. One of the exciting parts of living in a home is decorating! A tool to help you locate studs will allow you to hang wall art perfectly. A crowbar will also prove very handy. You can wield it for larger jobs involving sheetrock as well as smaller jobs like removing nails. Finally, we recommend purchasing a ratchet set. You will be able to efficiently install and remove screws and move on to your next project.


Ladders can be useful for multiple tasks around your home. Outdoor activities such as cleaning gutters and climbing onto the roof will be a cinch. You may also need to handle interior jobs such as changing a lightbulb or reaching an item up on a shelf. When you are ready to hang curtains, you'll be happy your ladder is right where you stored it.

Fire Extinguisher

Landlords must keep fire extinguishers in each unit due to fire codes. When you own your home, it might be something you have taken for granted. Consider this a friendly reminder with your safety in mind. Electrical and kitchen fires top the list of common occurrences with respect to fires, and an extinguisher can turn what could have been major into a minor situation.

The next time you head to your favorite home improvement store, remember to check out these items. We want to help make your life easier and safer! If you are still in the market for a comfortable, quality home, contact Eid-Co Homes today.

By Eid-Co Homes 10-30-2020