Ways to Make Your Home More Eco Friendly

No doubt, we all love the giant miracle marble in the sky we call home. In turn, preserving its beauty and natural resources is a topic that we here at Eid-Co Homes are keenly interested in. If you are interested in making a few small (or large) changes in your daily routine to be a bit greener, we have a few suggestions on how to do so!

Switch Bulbs

Switching the lightbulbs in your house from incandescent to LED is well worth it. Not only are they not filled with harmful substances such as mercury, they regulate energy usage. So, they require less energy to perform. In addition to this, LED bulbs last you far longer than traditional bulbs, making them more sustainable as well. On both counts, LED bulbs will surely be friendly to both your wallet and the environment.

Conserve Water

Part of protecting the earth’s natural resources is managing how much of them you are using. One easy area you can be conscious of this in is when it comes to conserving water. To begin with, try to turn off the faucet in between doing dishes or brushing your teeth. It may also serve you well to install a low-flow shower head. After all, these shower heads have been proven to save you thousands of liters of water.


Sadly, it can take a lot of planning and conscious consuming in order to reduce the majority of waste in your home. One easy way you can do so, though, is by making your own compost! Amazon has lots of great compost bin options equipped with charcoal filters to neutralize smells. Simply save your food scraps such as, eggshells, leftover toast, and banana peels and place them in your bin. Over time, these organic items will become broken down into rich soil. You can then use this compost for your indoor plants or outdoor garden to give them a turbo boost of nutrients.

Overall, there are many little changes you can make that can make a difference. We hope that by sharing a few with you, you have been inspired to be even just a little greener in your daily life. If you are looking for a new home and choosing an energy efficient and eco-friendly builder is important to you, be sure to contact us as Eid-Co Homes today! We are a Certified Green Builder.

By Eid Co Homes 10-3-2019