Natural Pest Solutions

Eid-Co Homes invests in communities that make it easy for you to enjoy your surroundings. Summertime is an excellent season where your surroundings seem to just come alive. Some things are welcome additions, like flowers. Others, like mosquitoes, not so much. If you want to ward off pests in and around your home, try these suggestions.

Flower Power

Some pests can be kept at bay simply with the type of flowers you choose to grow in your garden. In fact, chrysanthemums are harvested for pyrethrin, one of the main active ingredients used in making insect repellants. So, if you are battling mosquitoes, flies, or moths, try keeping chrysanthemums around. It will not hurt that they also lend a lovely burst of color.

Curb Them with Herbs

Curating a fresh herb garden is a fantastic way to brighten up dishes and cocktails. It is also an effective deterrent for select pests that may want to hang around the outside of your home. Particularly ideal are mint, basil, lavender, dill, and rosemary.

Invite Bats and Birds

Neighborhood birds feast on berries and seeds but they also dine on insects! Cabbage worms, aphids, beetles, and grasshoppers are all on the menu. If you want to make sure that birds visit your yard, make sure to offer them somewhere to perch. A birdhouse, birdfeeder, or shrubs and trees. Offering birds somewhere to nest will make sure they feast on the annoying bugs in the area since grubs are what they feed their young with.

More winged friends you want to hang around are bats. In one night, bats can consume some 8,000 insects! Plus, their guano is a rich fertilizer that can lend to the beauty of your yard. Make sure your yard is a stop during their night shift by planting sweet smelling honeysuckle and dahlia as well as hanging a few bat houses for their enjoyment.

With these solutions you can make being outside far more enjoyable while not negatively impacting pollinators with harsh chemicals. And all with a few, budget friendly actions.

By Eid-Co Homes 7-14-2021