Advantages to a Permanent Wood Foundation

A Permanent Wood Foundation (PWF) is an engineered foundation system that excels at drainage and support. PWFs consist of a stud wall and footing structure which supports a home. Eid-Co Homes builds all our homes using this foundation system. We know the benefits of Permanent Wood Foundations and we want to share some so that you know them too.

Warmth and Comfort

Permanent Wood Foundations offer a warmer atmosphere compared to other foundation systems, such as concrete, which give your living space a cold and damp feel. PWFs also provide better drainage systems to prevent moisture from accumulating in your home.

Energy Saver and Ecological

PWFs provide added insulation to homes during winter or summer, reducing cooling and heating costs. Wood itself is a natural insulator, and the spaces between wood studs offer more room for insulation as well, increasing the energy efficiency of a home. Permanent Wood Foundations are also renewable and have sustaining qualities; hence they consume less energy than other masonry products.

Flexible Designs

Permanent Wood Foundations can fit any home design, no matter the size or design. They can also adapt to any soil or site setting. If you are looking into unique designs for your home, going with wood is your best bet. They are flexible enough to accommodate whatever it is you desire.

Easy Finishing and Remodeling

Once a Permanent Wood Foundation is installed, no added wall is needed. PWFs are easy to finish and wire. Plumbing also fits well on the walls, and adjustments can be made easily in the future to the owner’s liking.


Permanent Wood Foundations with granular fill allow water to drain into the drainage system and pump it out. Additionally, having a layer of pea rock provides unconstrained drainage for water. With a concrete foundation, this cannot be achieved, but with PWFs, it can.

With a good home foundation, you will barely even need to think about it. Whereas with a poor foundation, you could face sleepless nights worrying about the hefty costs of structural repair work. It is no wonder then, that Permanent Wood Foundations are a no brainer for many home builders. PWF is a long-lasting, robust, and reliable construction method.

By Eid-Co Homes 8-24-2020