How to Stay Organized for Back to School

This time of year means that the kids are going back to school. This can be a relief in some ways and added stress in other ways. Many times, if families move they try to do so before the school year starts which can make things crazy without the added stress of getting ready for school. Eid-Co Homes wants to help families make the easiest transition they can into the new school year with organization tips that will help the whole family be organized and help them take on responsibility to help mom and dad around the house.

Keep a Chart

As kids grow and get older there is always a need to give them added responsibility. With another year about us, there is a need to outline to the kiddos what is expected of them around the house and when it comes to school. Of course, there is always a need to do homework and downtime for them to unwind after having a full day of mental exercise. However, helping them learn to balance responsibilities is always an essential life lesson. Typing out a chart that can be put in a frame for easy reuse can help the family know what is expected of each person, mom, and dad alike. Using a dry erase marker everyone can easily mark off what they have done. Whether that’s to take out the trash, empty the dishwasher, or vacuum the family room it can all be laid out, so it doesn’t all fall on mom.

Let Them Know You Love Them

As kids grow up it can be a little embarrassing when you get a note from mom in your lunch box, but kids still need to know that you love them throughout the day regardless of how old they are. Adding little notes to let them know that you love them in their lunch box or backpack can always bring a smile to their face. However, if they are older and are embarrassed then you can add little notes from them to find in their room or their bathroom mirror when they are getting ready.

Keep Memories

Kids are a beautiful thing and make our life rich with great rewards. Often, we wish we could freeze moments in time. It’s important that you make sure that you do. By keeping a journal, doing a time capsule, or scrapbooking. These will help you to take these moments and freeze them in time and keep them with you forever. Don’t take them for granted because they grow up fast!

Eid-co Homes knows that it’s a family that makes a home. We want your family to grow and thrive wherever you may be and whatever time of year it is. School can make things hectic, but it doesn’t have to be. Make your home a safe haven from a busy stressful day for you and the kids. Check out the homes we have available today!

By Eid-Co Homes 8-15-2018