How to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard

As the rainy season has hit and more moisture is in the air, it creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes. All of us hate those little bugs because they bite us and our children. It makes it impossible to sit out in the evening and enjoy the fresh air or a nice campfire. Most today would prefer to not use chemicals or deet on their skin. What is a better solution to keeping mosquitoes out of your yard?

Plant Herbs!

There are many different herbs that can be planted to help keep these little things away from your yard. Some of the best herbs to plant are basil, lavender, lemongrass and rosemary. These plants tend to keep away mosquitos. The key is to skillfully plant them in your yard. These plants do well in pots or can be planted in your garden. The advantage to them in pots is that you can move them around as needed. The additional upside to this is that these plants have other uses such as oils that can be made from them or they can be used in cooking. For example, lemongrass has a natural oil called Citronella. No doubt you have seen citronella candles in the store during the summer. This oil will keep the mosquitoes away but they are also good with a chicken dinner.

Plant Flowers!

If you have mosquitoes and rabbits then one of the best flowers to plant in your garden is marigolds. It’s important that these are planted in the sunniest part of your yard because they can be susceptible to growing gray mold and powdery mildew. Chrysanthemums are also a beautiful flower to plant in pots or your garden. If you live in an area where ticks, fleas, ants and roaches live then these are the best flowers to plant. Chrysanthemums are so effective because of the ingredient that they hold which is pyrethrum. These act as a natural insecticide.

There are many other plants and herbs that can be planted like mint and petunias. These will help make your summer enjoyable as you watch the sunset or sit outside with a campfire. Nature always has the best solutions for you and the family. With no harmful chemicals in the air or on the body you’re giving your family the best possible solution to keeping mosquitoes out of your yard.

By Eid-Co Homes 12-7-2017