Flowers That Are Full of Flavor

Not only can flowers decorate your garden, but they can also decorate your plate. But beyond just adding a bright, sophisticated visual element to your kitchen creations, many flowers can add complex flavors too. If you want to impress your dinner guests or just want to freshen up your daily dishes, try incorporating some of these delicious blooms.


You're most likely familiar with the smell of lavender. It's a calming, pleasant scent that is a mainstay in spas. But it can also add an interesting element to your baked goods and sweet treats. Lavender can be quite overpowering in large quantities, so you will want to taste whatever you are making and add little amounts as you go. Lavender pairs extremely well with lemon and would be great in an ice cream or Bundt cake.

Squash Blossoms

Squash is a robust crop that is a staple in many gardens. Most gardeners try to prevent their vegetables from bolting, but you can take advantage of squash blossoms in your next dinner. Be sure to remove the stamen and pistil of the blossom when harvesting so you are only left with the petals. A classic way to prepare these flowers is to stuff them with a soft cheese and batter and fry them.


Nasturtiums are bright shades of orange and have a delicious spicy nature to them. With the visual appeal and flavor profile, these flowers make lovely additions to salads. Fresh greens, a mild goat cheese, and nasturtiums can make for an impressive salad for your next gathering. Again, make sure to remove the interior of the flower so that you are only left with the delicate petals.


If you think that dandelions are nothing more than weeds, think again. Dandelions have a myriad of culinary applications and have delightfully honey-like blooms. The greens can be added to salads or cooked up like spinach. And the blossoms can be steeped for use in teas, folded into batters for scones or shortbreads, and even deep fried like squash blossoms.

Next time you are exploring new recipes in your Eid-Co kitchen, why not try bringing some of these flowers into the mix? You’ll be sure to impress your guests and you may even impress yourself with the results.

By Eid-Co Homes 9-17-2021