Summer Projects for the Kids

With the kids out of school it can get a bit exhausting to continually find something new to do with them. When you have little ones, they are continually wanting to do something fun and exciting. It can be difficult and exhausting to keep up with their energy level. Eid-Co Homes understands that a house isn’t a home until you have a loving family in it to fill it with memories. We want to help you and your kiddos to create memories in your home! Here are some fun ideas that will help to keep your kids occupied without running you ragged.

Every kid loves a good water balloon fight. This doesn’t take much effort on your part other than filling up the water balloons. The kids will have a great time and you’ll get to take a moment to just sit back and relax or even join the fun. If you like the idea of the fun that water balloons bring without all the cleanup mess you must do after all the fun is done. Having to clean up all the rubber from the water balloons is a pain. You can make a lot less of them and create are by using them for a painting project instead. Fill up about 20 of them and then fill up some bowls with a couple of different colors. Put your paper in an area when you don’t mind paint getting and can wash off. Then let you kids have a go at the fun by dipping the water balloon paint and throw it across the paper to create a work of art.

While it’s great to make sure the kids play outside throughout the day it can get way too hot for them to stay outside. This means that there needs to be some activities to do inside as well. Every kid loves to play games in the dark with some glow in the dark sticks. Get 9 clear plastic bottles and fill them with water and then stick a glow stick or two in there. Getting a ball that you can pop open to put glow sticks in there as well. This way you’ve created a great bowling game for the kiddos. Put on some tunes and let them have a blast.

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By Eid-Co Homes 6-28-2019