When You Need to Remove a Tree

Trees can make a yard more attractive and more pleasant to be in. But trees can also pose a threat on occasion. How can you know when it is time to remove a tree? Here are a few signs to look for.

It Leans Too Much

Do you have a tree that is leaning heavily on your property? A mild lean is not really something to be concerned about. During a tree's sapling stage, they can be influenced by the sun or wind and develop a slight lean. Once a tree is established, the leaning shouldn’t become more pronounced. If a tree develops a dramatic lean, this poses a threat to its root system, and it causes the tree to become unevenly balanced. Remove a tree that is leaning too heavily before it comes crashing down.

It Drops Branches

A tree will occasionally drop a branch or two, especially after a strong storm. But if you have a tree that is dropping branches seemingly at random, it could point to a deeper issue. Pest infestation, lighting damage, and old age can all cause a tree to drop branches more than it should. If you have a tree that is doing this, you may want to have a professional come out and inspect it.

It Does Not Leaf

Trees that are healthy and free of disease will produce a full display of leaves in the Spring. If you have a tree on your property that has suddenly stopped leafing out, it could signal disease or irreparable damage. Have an inspector check it out. It may be time to remove it.

It Is Too Close to a Structure

Sometimes the reason a tree needs to be removed is not due to the fact that it is damaged or dying. The problem could just be that it is too close to a shed, your home, or some other structure on your property. When planting saplings, many novices do not think about the future problems the placement of the tree could create. A tree that is too close to a structure can damage the building if branches fall during a storm or it falls over. Healthy root systems can find their way into septic pipes as well, causing them to break and resulting in hefty repairs. Maybe the tree just needs a good trim to create some distance between it and a structure. If that does not solve the issue, however, it may be wise to simply remove it.

If you remove trees when they show these signs, you can avoid dangerous and expensive situations.

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By Eid-Co Homes 11-15-2022