Take Your Hot Chocolate to the Next Level

At Eid-Co, we create communities that come with amenities that make your life easier, like snow removal. This way, you can spend less time doing chores and more time doing the things you enjoy. Like perhaps having a lazy Sunday full of movies or enjoying homemade treats like hot chocolate. Speaking of hot chocolate, is there anything as comforting as enjoying a fresh mug of hot cocoa on a blustery Winter day? Perhaps not. If you, like many others, enjoy this fine cold weather staple but want to find ways of adding a bit more variation, this is the place for you. Here are a few ways you can make your next cup of hot chocolate even better.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

We will skip the traditional hot chocolate recipe and head straight into a spicy version. To create an authentic Mexican hot chocolate, you will need to get your hands-on chocolate de mesa. This special blend of dark cacao, sugar, cinnamon, and chili is the perfect way to add a little extra warmth to your mug.

Viennese Hot Chocolate

For a truly decadent variation on this warm drink, try Viennese hot chocolate. All you will need is six ounces of semi-sweet chocolate, an egg yolk, and milk and you will have a wonderfully luscious treat in your hands.

Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate

Those with dietary restrictions need not forfeit the comforting experience that is hot cocoa. The most important key to creating a rich cup of dairy-free hot chocolate is shopping smart. Thankfully, many wonderful minds have made such things as dairy-free chocolate chips available. And then you can play around with your favorite milk alternative. Soy, macadamia, almond milks all will lend their own unique flavoring to the drink.

Of course, another simple way to take your hot chocolate to the next level is to add rum, bourbon, or cognac to the mix. Try one of these recipes or try them all! The bottom line is that a cup of hot chocolate will make any time spent at home all the sweeter.

By Eid-Co Homes 2-22-2021