How to Choose a Termite Company

At Eid-Co Homes, we pride ourselves on our permanent wood foundations. They are strong, insulating, and eco-friendly. And while we love our wood foundations, it's impossible to ignore the fact that termites might love them too. When you first notice signs of termites, it is important to call someone out to help as soon as possible. That being said, not all termite extermination companies are created equally. Here are some things you can do to ensure that you choose the best termite company for you.

Research Termite Control Services In Your Area

Termites are not something (hopefully) that you deal with on a regular basis. If you don’t already have a termite guy, naturally the first step you need to take is to research termite control services in your area. There are nationwide companies and local companies alike that handle this type of service. Therefore it is a personal preference whether you want to go with someone with a nationwide presence or support a local business. Most termite control companies will deal solely in termite extermination, but that is not always the case. Steer clear of companies that pressure you into additional, expensive services.

Taking time to look at company reviews can help you narrow down your choices. Keep in mind, of course, that unhappy customers are more likely to leave a bad review than satisfied customers are to leave a good review. But still, if there are a lot of bad reviews, that is a good sign that maybe you should look to a different company for help.

Review the Company’s Certifications

Another important factor to consider when choosing a termite company are their licenses and certifications. These should be proudly displayed on their website for you to see. Every state differs, so research which certifications are required in your state and cross reference that with the certifications that a company claims to have.

Schedule Them to Come Inspect Your Home

Once you have confirmed that a company has the proper qualifications to treat termites, you can schedule a time for them to come and inspect your home. Trained professionals will know the tell tale signs of termites, something that your average homeowner may not be confident in. They will come out, inspect your home inside and out, and either confirm you have termites or put your mind to rest on the matter.

During this inspection is a good time to take note of whether or not you actually want to work with the company. Termite control services can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to complete, which means that you need a company that is easy to work with. Take note of their customer service, their communication style, and availability.

Get a Quote and Discuss Your Options

After the company has assessed your property, they will present you with a quote and their recommended services. The final treatment plan should not differ extremely from the original quote. If a company is vague about what the final cost will be and is not eager to provide you with a quote, their services are likely to be quite expensive. Any reputable company will give you a quote beforehand.

If you suspect that you have termites in or around your house, don’t freak out. Do a bit of research, shop around, and you are sure to get paired with a qualified and competent company.

By Eid-Co Homes 10-18-2022