Fall is that time of year again where we have to switch out our clothes again. This can often be a chore but it doesn’t have to be. There are some tricks and tips that can help you to transform your closet into an organized piece of art work. There is more than just switching out your summer clothes with your fall clothes. Organization is key and so is being honest. It is key in being able to make your closet a success.

  1. Honesty

Honesty is important because there are so many pieces of clothing that we tend to not wear. If you went through your summer clothes and found some pieces of clothing that you never even touched then its time to get rid of it. We always say that we are going to wear it next time or next year but the truth is if you went all summer without wearing it then it’s time to give it up. This will help make packing away the summer clothes a bit easier and less clothing.

  1. Make Summer into Fall

Your favorite shirts and maxi dresses that you wore this summer don’t have to be put up. It’s easy to take what you love to wear in the summer and make it into something you’ll love to wear in the fall. That fall jacket you’re about to take out can make that maxi dress or summer shirt last another season. Sweaters are also a good addition to make any summer shirt ready for fall. So, before you decide what you’re going to put away figure out what you’d like to keep.

  1. Organize

Organization in the closet is important. It helps you to see what you have and what you don’t. Fall opens up accessory opportunities like hats, gloves, and scarves. Installing a peg board on the closet door can help to organize your fall accessories. Also hanging an organizer for your boots will also help to make your closet look neat and beautiful.

Fall is a beautiful time of the year with a lot to look forward to. Eid-co understands the need to be ready for anything. We build quality homes that will last. Take a look at the beauty of our homes and how we have them organized.


Summer has only a couple weeks left. Soon the kids will have to go back to school but before they do make sure that you have one last day of fun in the sun. Here is a couple of fun family games you’ll love to play together before the kids have to go back to school or even on a family fun weekend. These games are inexpensive and fun to create! With a few things to help you get started you’ll be having fun in no time.

  1. Water Balloon Dodge Ball

Even though the days aren’t as hot this is a great game to play with the family. We all loved playing dodge ball as kids so have some fun with your kids and play it with them now. Just get a bag of water balloons and two big buckets. Have each team start filling up balloons till there is enough to have a good game. If it is not as hot out you might be more inclined to want to dodge the balloon instead of letting it hit you. As the balloons hit the ground you’ll see it will start to get hard to stay on your feet because of how slick it gets.

  1. Bowling in the Dark

You might wonder how that is even possible. Take 10 full unopened water bottles and open them up to put a glow stick in the each of them. There is going to be a little water that spills out so you can either let it spill or pour a little out the tops of it. Then set them up in a triangle for bowling (4 in the back, 3 in the next row, then 2 and finally 1)! You’re almost set to go now you’ll just need a good sturdy ball like a soccer ball, basket ball, kick ball or the like. Then you and your family can have a great time with bowling and keeping score if you want.

  1. Pop goes the Balloon

If the kids have a hard time getting motivated to go outside and play games then this will be a fun one to help with that. The goal is to pop the other team’s balloons. To prepare the game you want to makes sure you have ribbon that are all cut the same length and a bag of balloons. Blow up the balloons yourself. You don’t want helium in them because once they are blown up you’ll attach them to the string and then tie the string around your ankle. You’ll have balloons for each ankle. You can play teams but make sure that you get two different colors if you’re doing so. Once everyone has their balloons then designate the space you’ll play in and start!

Summer is short and almost done so make sure to have a fun summer day before the kids go back to school. This will help bring the family closer together and get a lot of laughter going. With some simple games you can have a whole lot of fun! Eid-Co Homes knows the importance of family and a home. Home is where the family grows. Use your home to create laughter! Check out the houses we build and have helped many to call home.



As the rainy season has hit and more moisture is in the air, it creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes. All of us hate those little bugs because they bite us and our children. It makes it impossible to sit out in the evening and enjoy the fresh air or a nice campfire. Most today would prefer to not use chemicals or deet on their skin. What is a better solution to keeping mosquitoes out of your yard?

Plant Herbs!

There are many different herbs that can be planted to help keep these little things away from your yard. Some of the best herbs to plant are basil, lavender, lemongrass and rosemary. These plants tend to keep away mosquitos. The key is to skillfully plant them in your yard. These plants do well in pots or can be planted in your garden. The advantage to them in pots is that you can move them around as needed. The additional upside to this is that these plants have other uses such as oils that can be made from them or they can be used in cooking. For example, lemongrass has a natural oil called Citronella. No doubt you have seen citronella candles in the store during the summer. This oil will keep the mosquitoes away but they are also good with a chicken dinner.

Plant Flowers!

If you have mosquitoes and rabbits then one of the best flowers to plant in your garden is marigolds. It’s important that these are planted in the sunniest part of your yard because they can be susceptible to growing gray mold and powdery mildew. Chrysanthemums are also a beautiful flower to plant in pots or your garden. If you live in an area where ticks, fleas, ants and roaches live then these are the best flowers to plant. Chrysanthemums are so effective because of the ingredient that they hold which is pyrethrum. These act as a natural insecticide.

There are many other plants and herbs that can be planted like mint and petunias. These will help make your summer enjoyable as you watch the sunset or sit outside with a campfire. Nature always has the best solutions for you and the family. With no harmful chemicals in the air or on the body you’re giving your family the best possible solution to keeping mosquitoes out of your yard.

The sun is out and shining into your home. Create a fresh look to your home this summer by a few weekend projects that you and the family will love. With a few extra hands now that the kids are out of school it won’t take much to complete these fun projects. In most cases rearranging of furniture and a pop of color that will do the trick in any room of the house. Below are three fun summer projects to brighten up any summer.

Create a pop of color by adding bright trim around a window to your home. Look at a certain room in your home and find the color that you feel will accent the room. Make sure it’s a color that will bring in the rug you might have on the floor and the pillows you have sitting on your couch. This simple and easy project only cost a can of pain and brush. It will help your home to look like summer inside and out. No doubt this pop of color will make you feel happier when you see it too.

This next project will only cost a can of paint and brush as well. Generally, people have a color palette assigned to their various rooms. For most of us we’ve had the same bed frame for years. It’s time to change things up. Pick a color from your room or bed spread that you love and then paint your headboard that color or your entire bed frame depending on the frame you have. This will give your room a pop of color too and help pull your favorite color together in the room you spend the most time in. The kids will love to help and love to have it in their room too.

Most everyone has book cases in their home. This allows for a great project to give a pop of color to a room or office in your home. Find the color you want to make stand out in an office and then remove all the books off the shelf and paint the back board to add some color. This will help you to stay happy while you work and make your office feel brighter when the sun is shining in and when it’s not. There is so much that you can do with a can of paint and a brush.

These small weekend projects are very cheap and can be changed over the years. It helps to know that you don’t have to break the bank with these projects and yet you can do them repeatedly and change them when you don’t like them. Eid-co Homes understands a tight budget and the need for things to be affordable. That is why we build affordable homes and offer affordable solutions to brighten up your home for each season.

With spring here, the temperature has started to warm up and summer will be soon to follow with even hotter temperatures. Most of us kick on the AC during this time to get cooled downed from the heat. This likely causes our electric bill to sky rocket up having it on all spring and summer long. What can you do to help make your home cooler in the heat of spring and summer? There are a couple of different things that can be done to help your home stay cool without running your electric bill high.

  1. Unplug!

We have a lot of things in our house that are plugged up but that we don’t use all the time or even regularly. They just sit there plugged and ready to go for when we need them. This causes not only our electricity bill to be higher because it’s using it whether on idle or not but it also produces heat in the home. So be sure to unplug all unnecessary items to reduce both electricity and heat in the home.

  1. Ceiling Fans

It’s important to know that your ceiling fan has two distinct functions when spinning its blades. If it’s turning counter-clockwise then it will be blowing the air down in the room cooling you off when you come in. If the blades are turning clockwise then they are just circulating the air in the room. So, make sure that during the summer months you have it turning counter-clockwise and clockwise in the winter. This will help keep you cool in the months to come.

  1. Close your Blinds

This might sound like common sense but really because we love the way the sun shines in the home we often don’t shut our blinds. With the beauty of the nature sunlight coming in you might have a little bit of struggle to do this. Just by doing this you can greatly reduce the temperature of your home. So, if you like the sunlight in your home just close them in the hottest parts of the day to ensure that you maintain a lower temperature in your home.

These are just three suggestions that will help keep your electricity bill down as well as the temperatures in your home. In the months to come try to be aware of the simple things that you can do to reduce the cost and heat of your home. Here at Eid-Co Homes we pride ourselves in making affordable homes. We want to make sure that even after the new home purchase you make that you’re still saving your pennies where you can.

We all know the saying that “change is difficult.” As we age, change can become detestable to even think about. As our loved ones grow older their homes may become harder for them to live in. Stairs, bathrooms, and low lighting contribute to why a senior may be confined to only living on one level or even remodeling a beloved home.

Jason Eid, president of Eid-Co homes, is a nationally certified aging-in-place specialist who has optimized some of his floor plans to solve the problems that many seniors face today. Eid-Co homes builds up to ten “patio homes” a year that don’t deprive a senior of independent living, these homes actually make independent living easier and safer. “We build homes to be functional as residents’ physical and mental challenges progress as time goes on,” he says.

These homes are built without stairs or thresholds, which reduces the risk of falls. The homes also have widened 3 foot doorways so wheelchairs can easily navigate throughout the house. Bathrooms are notorious for being one of the most dangerous rooms in a house for seniors because of the risk of falling on the slick damp floors. The showers in these patio homes are built with benches and properly placed grab-bars.

Kristie Eid states, “The patio homes that we do aren’t really ‘those’ homes; they’re just ‘a’ home that happens to be accessible and ready for some of the problems that come with age.” So for a senior who still wants to live independently, the option to move into a patio home is ideal.

Some other features of these homes include: built- in shower chairs, vanities that are closer to the toilet so people can use it to steady themselves, also having non-slip strips throughout the home. In the kitchen the Eid-Co patio homes have raised dishwashers. This makes loading and unloading the dishwasher more comfortable for those that may have back or knee health issues. The drawers in these homes are also higher than most for this same reason.

Lighting and alarms are also well utilized throughout the Eid-Co homes. Bright light helps older eyes and also makes it easier to see potential obstacles a senior might trip over. Eid-Co takes lighting homes one step further in that they have a daylight timer on exterior lights. These lights will turn on automatically at dusk so there is no worrying about the electricity bill with lights running all day.

Moving out of a beloved home may be difficult for an older one but with the well equipped homes Eid-Co has to offer the sting won’t be as drastic. These homes help maintain a senior’s independence while making their living situation safe and accident free.

There are many materials that can be used to construct and decorate a home. However, there is no type of material that can be as beautiful and striking as glass. Glass is a versatile material that is able to help increase basic energy-efficiency and improve the aesthetics of a home. There are many uses for glass that include decorative options and specific functions.

Many homeowners can use glass to achieve a modern look for their home. Glass can also be used as an option that provides clean lines for any decorative style. There are various types of glass which may be applied in a home. The glass can have contrasting hues, a bright contemporary style, and is able to offer an endless supply of possibilities.

One aspect of glass is the capacity to reflect light that is similar to a regular mirror. The results of using glass panels in a home is making any room appear much brighter and larger. A non-reflective substance can be applied to the glass to reduce any unwanted reflectivity in the home. Glass panels will come in a variety of designs, colors, and textures. There are also many custom designs that can be applied if there is any specific need or preference of the homeowner.


The addition of glass coffee tables in a home has become common over the years. These items come in many styles that will typically have a base or frame with a panel of glass that is added to the top. There are various designs for the bottom that can include a metallic or wooden sculpture. The choice of styles for a glass coffee table means they are a great option for use in any living room.


The addition of glass railings to a home offers a unique look for any deck or pool area. Railings which are made of glass can have a frame or be a frameless structure. A glass railing is common in any area of a home, upscale hotel, or an office.


Glass tiles come in many varieties and will have benefits not seen with porcelain tiles. One benefit will be easier to install and clean. Properly sealed seams means these tiles are a great option for the flooring in a bathroom or any kitchen.


Many vases, sculptures and pieces or art are often made from glass. These pieces may be abstract or a design that is elaborate.

Craftsman Glass services the Denver, Colorado area, providing maintenance to existing glass items and installing custom designs.

There’s no other type of flooring quite like good tile. It has a unique look and feel that can’t be captured with wood, and offers a great contrast and variety against carpeted areas of the home. The question is: what kind of tile would be best suited to your home? There are a number of different varieties, each coming with their own qualities that make them distinct. Choosing the type and style for your home is a big decision.

Of the various materials that tiles are manufactured with, ceramic is probably the most common. It has a glossy surface area and high strength-to-weight ratio. You’ll find these types of tiles in many bathrooms and kitchens. They are usually made with a mixture that includes clay and quartz sand. Other ingredients depend on whether the tile is porcelain or non-porcelain. You can choose to have the tile glazed as well, which will add to the durability and stain-resistance.

Glass tiles haven risen in popularity quite a bit in recent times, as have home glass designs in general. Glass tiles have several advantages, such as being naturally water-proof, being easy to install and coming a very wide range of colors and designs that are perfect for modern and trendy design schemes. They are practically invincible against staining and very resistant to chemicals.

Various types of natural stone are also commonly used tiling materials that are very resistant to scratches. In general, the more porous types are not recommended for areas where moisture is common, like the restrooms, kitchen and main entry. This includes types like marble and limestone. These are more suited to lower-traffic areas of the home that won’t see much in the way of feet covered in shoes. Stone tiles better-suited for such areas would be slate and granite. Whatever type you pick, most will also have a finish of some kind applied. A natural finish will make the stone look the most like its original, raw appearance. A honed surface will be matte and smooth, and a polished surface will be shiny and highly reflective (a bit slippery in socks as well, perhaps).

Most of the aforementioned tile types are held in place with grout joints. As with any surface, tiles can become dirty over time, necessitating a good grout cleaning. But with proper cleaning, upkeep and, most of all, choosing the right type for your home in the first place, you can enjoy beautiful tile floors in your home that are suited to your personality and tastes.

As is the case with most features of the home, carpeting is not cheap. Even if you do all you can to keep it clean and undamaged, nothing good lasts forever, and you’ll at some point find that carpet in sub-optimal condition. When that happens, the need arises to either repair or replace the carpet. But how do you know which process is necessary? Obviously, before rushing into either, you’ll want to examine the extent of the damage and determine how much you’re willing to spend.

If the carpet is only somewhat tattered or damaged, you may be able to perform a simple carpet repair instead of a full blown replacement. This is an exceptionally good move if the carpet is already made with high-grade material. Sometimes, a deep cleaning is enough to infuse new life into a carpet. Even if a carpet is old, it can still look good when it’s bright and clean. But if it’s damaged, repair work might be in order. Oftentimes, a small damaged area can remedied with a patch. Just be sure that the carpet is stretched properly before beginning. Otherwise, you may end up with lumps and wrinkles that make it look even worse than before.

If you choose to replace the entire carpet, you’ll need to find a material and style that’s suited for the room. While saving money is always nice, buying too low quality of a material can end up being a bad investment in the long run. While higher-grade materials are more expensive to replace, they tend to last much longer than the cheaper ones. You should also consider the amount of traffic the area is going to get. Bedrooms, for example, see less traffic than rooms such as the living room, and people usually aren’t wearing shoes when they access them. You could probably get away with choosing a comfortable feel over durability for such rooms. If you find that it’s simply not in the budget to buy anything but the cheapest carpet material, it would probably be better to wait until you can swing a higher-quality type. Cheap material can end up costing more in the long term.

Conversely, opting for the most lavish carpet available can suck the money out of your home improvement budget in a flash. You might be surprised by how quickly the cost adds up, especially when carpeting larger rooms. Ideally, you want a carpet that won’t break the bank, but will look and feel nice and endure through reasonable use for quite some time. Finding an ideal carpet isn’t impossible, but it will require some research and effort.

If you end up buying a new carpet, there are other ways to save here and there. You can cut out a large chunk of the cost by installing it yourself, provided you know what you’re doing. But if you haven’t worked with carpeting projects before, it might not be worth the risk to attempt a DIY, and you’re probably better off hiring a professional.

Damaged and unsightly carpets can bring down the look of your whole home. There are ways to rejuvenate the floors of your home. You just need to carefully weigh your options and determine how extensive the process needs to be.

This article comes from the Denver, CO professional carpet repair experts from Nip and Tuck Flooring. They’ve helped many in the Denver Metro Area with their carpet repair needs, including pet, flood and stain damage.